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Toyota Highlander Lexus LX570 LED Bulb Dust Cover Seal Cap Waterproof OEM Design


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Please confirm your OEM dust cover/cap is the same as one in the above picture, and double-check if the diameter/dimension of your OEM dust cover is the same as this dust cover. If you’re not sure, please contact us for support before purchase, We appreciate if you could measure the dimension and attach some pictures in the email.



1. 2008-2011 Lexus LX570, for low beam and high forward lighting housing.

2. 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander, for low forward lighting housing.


Why LASFIT re-designed dust cover?

When you install after-market LED bulbs, did you meet this kind of problem? The cooling fan(heat sink) of LED bulb is too large or too long to reinstall the dust cover back. If you want to install LED bulbs, you have to remove the dust cover, but you worry about the dust, random debris, and water condensation getting into the housing. You bought some universal rubber dust covers on Amazon, eBay…, but those rubber dust covers can’t fit the housing, and it is easy to melt and can’t protect the housing. Oh~~~ How can I do it?

LASFIT got feedback from customers, and re-designed new dust covers to solve the problem. These new dust covers are designed based on the factory dust cover, completely different from other rubber dust covers.

OEM Design, perfect fit

As shown in the pictures, the diameter of the dust cover is the same as the OEM dust cover, and the same design of the sticking points, is perfectly locked in the housing. Just twist in, easy installation.

More space for better heat dissipation

This new dust cover was made with bigger space than OEM’s, which keeps there is enough space between the cooling fan and dust cover for airflow and get better heat dissipation


On the current market, the universal dust covers/caps are rubber material, and very soft. These new dust covers are made for aftermarket LED bulbs, so LASFIT used rigid plastic to make the dust cover, heat-resisting, waterproof, dustproof, and better protect the housing.


Package includes one pair(2pcs dust covers)
Inner diameter: 86.8mm / 3.41”
Outer diameter: 97.2mm / 3.82”
Height: 47.5mm / 1.87”


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