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Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Automatic Hood Lock System for 18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU and Gladiator JT(Version 2.0)


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  • Lasfit stealth anti-theft hood lock system for 18-23 Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU and Gladiator JT, is 100% automatic. This hood lock is specially designed for those who didn’t want to carry an extra key and the system that used the OEM key wasn’t compatible with the Jeep’s OEM Trail Cam.
  • Lasfit hood lock requires neither cutting any OEM parts nor computer programming. Once installed, locking with the key FOB automatically locks the hood. You can then unlock the hood by pressing the unlock button on the key fob. Really can’t get simpler than that!


Fit for 2018+ Wrangler JL, JLU, and 2019+ Gladiator JT(All Trim Levels)

The hood lock should work on all Wrangler JL, JLU, and Gladiator JT regardless of trim levels or engine types as long is equipped with the power door lock and key fobs. We have installed and tested the hood lock on the below Jeeps. They all work without issues.

2020 Jeep Gladiator JT with 3.6L Gasoline engine

 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU with 3.6L Gasoline engine

 2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU EcoDiesel with 3.0L Diesel engine

 2021 Jeep Wrangler JLU 4xe with 2.0L Hybrid engine

 2021 Jeep Wrangler JLU with 3.6L Gasoline engine

2022-2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

Note: NOT compatible with the manual transmission.


  • Air Tube *2
  • Zip Ties *9
  • Lock Module *1
  • Controller Box *1
  • Mounting Bracket *1
  • Rubber Grommet *1
  • OBD Power Harness *1
  • Manual Unlock Switch *1
  • Mounting Hardware Set *1

Why is LASFIT stealth hood lock so much better?

 1. Anti-Theft Hood Lock – Keep The Jeep Under-Hood Investments Safer.

How to improve jeep security is not only a common concern for all Jeep owners, but Lasfit also hopes to offer some help. It is a common finding that many Jeep owners are looking for some advice to the theft problem, but always can’t get the perfect solutions, especially on the jeep hood lock, such as “incompatible with Front Trail Cam”, “grille trimming and carrying extra keys are required” and so on.

Therefore, after in-depth market research and long-term careful development, Lasfit’s product R&D department has launched a brand-new hood lock for all Jeep owners who are thinking about the Jeep’s security. Our goal is to increase the deterrent against thieves, reduce the chance of jeeps being stolen, and keep the investments under the hood safer!

The Lasfit stealth automatic anti-theft hood lock is installed in place of the safety hook. When locked, the hood lock will not pop out even if the locks on both sides are open. Also, fingers cannot reach in and flick the safety catch for locking. The Hood Lock deters thieves from walking away with valuable underhood parts such as batteries, intakes, superchargers, etc.

2. Special Stealth Design – Doesn’t Affect The Front Trail Camera.

We are the first only one in the market with this design. Our hood lock can be installed on Jeep WITH the front camera. Besides, you can make any build on the front grille as well. It is safe and beautiful without destroying the appearance of the original car.

3. Automatic CAN-BUS Control – Use Factory Key FOB To Lock/Unlock.

The Lasfit Stealth anti-theft hood lock uses factory Key FOB to lock and unlock the hood lock (CAN-BUS control). No additional keys are required.

It will connect to the original car’s Canbus and OBD, using a pneumatic slider to lock the hood safety hook. Canbus accepts command signals while the OBD is for power supply. When the lock receives the signal to lock the car, it will send a signal to the piston pump, and the piston pump starts to pump air and push to close the lock. When the lock receives the unlock signal, the air inside will be pumped out and the lock will be reopened.

So it will lock/unlock the hood automatically when you press the lock/unlock button on your original key fob.

4. Manual Control – Two Emergency Manual Opening Options.

While our version 1.0 hood lock system has always had an electronic unlock button, most folks’ biggest concern with version 1.0 was that most unlocking solutions required power. While we provided a 12V emergency cable to pull power from a secondary vehicle to get under your hood in an emergency, a jump starter or a second vehicle isn’t always available.

Therefore, the version 2 system adds some nice improvements over the first. This biggest change is the manual release option. With version 2, there is now a cable in the cab that can be pulled to manually release in the event of no vehicle power. This means now you don’t have to worry about being both stranded and unable to get under your hood.

  • Press The Manual Switch Button To Lock/Unlock (CAN-BUS Control, Power Required)
  • Pull The Manual Release Handle To Unlock The Hood If Battery Dies. (No Power Required)

Note: After the car is turned off, only two on/off operations are allowed to avoid endless on/off operations that may cause the car battery to lose power.

5. The Original Hood Side Locks + Lasfit Hood Lock = No Hood Flutter

Driving your Jeep on uneven trails or twisting back roads cause annoying hood flutter. Featured to securely hold down your Jeep hood tight, our hood lock is a good complement to a locking hood, greatly eliminating annoying hood flutter on uneven trails.

6. Durable Material Built For Off-Road.

Lasfit Stealth Anti-Theft Hood Lock is made of die-cast electroplated stainless steel and high-strength aluminum alloy which possess excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It’s a waterproof and dustproof locking mechanism, which supports operation in harsh environments and is built for off-road.


  • Time: 3-4h
  • Worry-free installation: Follow our installation manual with step-by-step detailed instructions and then you will be all set! Jeep Stealth Hood Lock for Jeep Wrangler JL Gladiator JT Key FOB Control -Install Guide>>
  • Note: ⚠️Do not close the hood when the hood lock is not fully installed, otherwise the hood will be locked and cannot be opened.⚠️
  • Call (909) 758-7900 for Technical Support

*During Installation

  • No need to damage the original car.
  • No need to drill holes.
  • No computer programming is required.

*After Installation

  • No need to carry another key.
  • It will not affect the original front camera.
  • It will not affect the tightness of the cover.
  • The front grille can be replaced.


  • 45 Days Money-Back Return/Exchange
  • 1 Year Hassle Free Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Customer Support Team in Ontario, California


If you have any questions about mounting, please chat with us!


Call: (909) 758-7900 Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am-5:30 pm (PST)

Location: 2235 E 4th St Ste F Ontario, CA 91764 United States


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Would the hood lock work with a Tazer Programmer installed on my vehicle?

A: You will need to unplug the Tazer during the installation of the hood lock. After plugin the pass-through from the hood lock, you can plug the tazer back into the OBD port. Our hood lock doesn’t send or receive commands through the OBD port, therefore it won’t affect the functions of the Tazer.

Q2: Would the Jeep front camera work normally after installing our hood latches?

A: Our hood latches can be installed on Jeep with the front camera. Allowing the front camera to function normally after the installation of the lock is one of the most important features of our hood lock. Therefore, it won’t affect the overall look and functions of your front camera after installation. Besides, you can make any build on the front grille as well.

Q3: I’d like the added security without having to carry extra keys, but I’m worried about how to unlock the hood if the FOB key remote fails?

A: We have offered an emergency Manual Unlock Switch for you to open the hood in case of the FOB key remote fails. Press the manual unlock button to release air from the lock module. Wait about 5 seconds, then press the button again to turn off manual mode.

Note: The emergency switch must be turned off after the manually unlocked to prevent the start battery from depleting. A warning tone will sound to remind you to turn it off.

Q4: Even though I love high-tech stuff but if there’s really no emergency opening option it’s a huge design flaw and risk to me, for example, what if the Jeep’s start battery dies?

A: In the case the battery dies, you can directly use our manual release option to gently pull the handle to unlock the hood. (No power is required)

Q5: Can I unlock the hood with the emergency manual switch by connecting a jump starter to the cigarette lighter in the case of a dead battery?

A: Of course, although we no longer provide a 12V emergency power cable, if you have such a power cable yourself, you can also use it to connect a jump starter to the cigarette lighter to unlock the hood with our manual switch if the battery dies.

But we’d recommend a quicker and easier way to unlock it by gently pulling our manual switch handle without the power required.

Q6: Will it interfere with the Ravelco system after installing the Lasfit hood lock?

A: No, it won’t.

Q7: Will this hood lock work with the wrangler 392?

A: Yes, it fits in the 392. The hood lock should work on all 2018+Wrangler JL, JLU, and 2019+Gladiator JT regardless of trim levels or engine types as long is equipped with the power door lock and key fobs.

*Here is a post from one of our customers who installed a Lasfit hood lock on a 392 for reference.

Q8: Does the pump make noise inside the cab when locking/unlocking the vehicle?

A: It does… it’s fairly quiet and short.

Q9: Is the Lasfit hood lock system compatible with manual transmission vehicles?

A: Our system is NOT compatible with manual transmission. But if you have some methods to safely pass wires through the firewall to your Jeep, then it may work. However, we do not recommend applying our system to manual transmissions in case of any potential risks caused by improper operation.

Q10: Can the emergency manual switch work like the FOB key to lock and unlock the hood if I don’t want to use the FOB key?

A: Sure, you can lock or unlock your hood with our provided emergency manual switch, the emergency switch button will be automatically locked after 45 seconds.

Note: The sound of beeping means that it has been locked, usually after pressing the switch for 45 seconds.

Q11: To operate the manual cable release, do I need to unplug any hoses to bleed out air first?

A: Yes, you need to unplug the two air lines from the controller box to bleed out air first, then pull the manual release cable to unlock the hood.

Note: The manual release cable is used as another emergency switch to unlock the hood if the Jeep’s start battery dies, but we do not recommend using it under normal conditions.

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