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3″ LED Pod Sport Series Off-Road Hood Ditch Light SAE Fog Flood 18W


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Lasfit 3″ Pods Sport Series Overview

Lasfit focuses on automotive LED lighting product development to bring you premium high performance LED lights. With modern technology and custom-engineered TIR optics, our 3″ pod lights were released to bring the most advanced experiences for you on the trails. We aim to provide highly professional products for off-road enthusiasts.

Lasfit 3″ pods’ application is quite versatile. They can be mounted and well fit for Jeep, Ford, Toyota, GMC, Chevrolet, Ram, Subaru, Nissan, Lexus, Rivian, and a variety of other off-road and overland vehicles. They can also be installed on motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, tractors or boats for different functions.


  • Engineered TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics
  • Ultra-high intensity
  • Torture-tested, heavy-duty construction
  • IP67 waterproof and impact-resistant

 What’s included in your package:

√ Two (2) 3” LED Pods
√ Two (2) Deutsch-style wire pigtails
√ Complete set of mounting brackets and hardware
√ Installation guide paper


Please Note: Our kits come with universal mounts, Custom Modification might be needed to mount them. We have these Vehicle-specific Brackets (UPDATING) for you to choose from.
*If you couldn’t find the specific brackets for you vehicle in our store at the moment, please order from or a nearby local store for your convenience.


Fog vs. Spot vs. Flood vs. Driving Light: Which beam pattern is best for you?

Flood (65° Wide) : Your Top 1 Off-Road Pod Light Option

Flood light perfectly ensures your peripheral vision when you are off-roading. It gives a wide-area amount of light, lightens the nearby area and gives you much more confidence when approaching the road ahead.

Lasting flood setups require a much stronger light source to create lots of usable light. Unlike average “diffused lights”, our flood pods create lots of usable light and have been measured with the most light output after real-world comparison testings. Perfect for lighting up anything at low speeds, or for trailers and worksites.


Spot (10° Narrow Spot) : Better Suited for Speed Driving

Spot beam pattern is designed and better suited for speed driving. It throws light as far as possible to keep the glare down on the hood, more concentrated, and super powerful into one direct place, largely helps reduce the chance of unfocused and dimmer vision due to high speed driving. Spot light produces a more focused light beam that can travel far ahead of the vehicle, also great for long distance light throw used as work light.


SAE Driving ( Horizontal 24° & Vertical 8° ) : Perfect Supplement to Your High Beams


Driving lights are designed to supplement your high beams by illuminating an area further and wider than your headlights are capable of. Our driving pods effectively improve the vision range with 6000K color temperature and produces a rectangular-shaped. That’s why these SAE driving pods can be also used for general illumination on motorcycles.


SAE Fog ( Horizontal 36° & Vertical 6° ) : Tailored for Bad Weather Conditions


Cutting through the glare in fog, snow, rain, mist, etc. Fog is the perfect beam pattern for extreme weather conditions, most commonly used to replace factory fog light. Our SAE certified fog lights in white can be used on-road and off-road. With 6196K crystal white light, 1728 Lux (at 10 ft.), they’re much brighter than the stock halogen fog lights.


Note: SAE Standard ONLY applies to Fog and Driving patterns in White color. Yellow fog/ driving pods have the same output standard with the white ones designed for on&off road use, with little possibility to blind others on the road.


Why Lasfit Pods?


  • Ultra-high Intensity with TIR Optics

Standard reflector optics allows light to escape before it touches the reflector. This resulted from a decrease in light output and performance. Instead, the Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optics can capture all the light from the LED chip and direct it to where it wants to be. TIR optics improves light output and control of lights over the reflector topics. Based on the working principle of TIR optic, lights are more controllable. The light output from the TIR optics is more focused and sharper than the standard reflector optics, and it dramatically reduces glare. With TIR optics, ultra-high output and high efficiency lighting will be amazingly achieved.

We’ve tested two different types of LED pod lights. One is the standard reflector, and the other one is the Lasfit TIR LED pod. With the lighting efficiency of TIR optics, even with a lower wattage, the Lasfit LED pod can still provide way more visibility and outperforms the reflector pod lights.


  • Heavy-duty Construction

Powder-coated aluminum construction gives texture to these pods. With sleek black design, “you can only feel how well-built they’re, how heavy-duty they’ve made when holding them in your hands.” – from one of our beloved customers.


  • Torture-tested Lasfit Pods

Yes, we actually did a really fun torture test. Please check it out!


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

√ 45 days money-back guarantee

√ 3 years hassle-free warranty

√ Free Shipping

√ Customer Support Team in Ontario, California


White Vs. Yellow: Which color do you need?



All Lasfit LED pods are available in a cool white or selective yellow color. The white is a 6000K color temperature, which is a true cool white output, and matches most factory LED lighting. While driving under bad weather conditions, most light will be reflected back to the drivers. Yellow or amber lights have been the standard for snow plow lighting throughout the years. Yellow-colored lights are highly visible in cloudy conditions and minimize glare from snow, ice, sleet, and rain.

We also offer Replacement Lenses that allow you to change the color of your Pods. Click here to see how to replace the lens.


Sport Vs. HP Seires: Which series do you need?

We’ve designed two series of pods for your need of upgraded lighting performance. The Sport Series(18W) fits for most off-road beginners as an entry-level with ultra-high output and high efficiency lighting will be amazingly achieved.

However, If you do extreme terrain/off-roading, then I suggest you get The HP Series(36W) because you can never have it too bright. If you need higher performance series of pods, click here to get them!



Input Voltage: 9-36VDC

Input Power: 18W for each pod

Current Draw: 1.3/2.7 amps @ 14.2V

Operating Temperature: -40°F ~185°F

Weight: 1.25 lbs each (without bracket)

Intrusion Ratings: IP67 Weatherproof


*Specifications listed here for each individual pod.


Wanna contact us? Easy!

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