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2019-2023 Ford Ranger LED Bulbs 9005 Exterior Interior Lights


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LED Lights Fit 2019-2023 Ford Ranger

Getting improved light output and a new look for your truck doesn’t mean you need to jump right into aftermarket assembly. We put together a complete LED light bulbs upgrade package for 2019 Ford Ranger owners looking to upgrade the look and performance over their stock dim & yellow light bulbs with quality LED solutions.

We designed the new bulbs and put them on the 2019-2023 Ford Ranger. In just a few minutes, you will get brighter, new look lighting on your vehicle. Check out all the LED options we offer for your 2019-2023 Ford Ranger below!

Top Features|Bulb Size Replacement Guide:

9005 LED Bright Light Bulbs: LA plus series, 60W/set, 6000LM/set, 6000K bright white.
LA plus series LED kit is also built with a smaller size than the common LEDs in the market without building an external driver, directly plug into the factory housing. New cooling system with a unique ball-bearing fan prevents the driving from the loud noise from the cooling fan, the all-in-one compact aluminum design brings better heat dissipation than common plastic design, and intelligent IC makes sure the LED conversion kits last longer. Great at night for seeing signs in the distance.

NOTE: We don’t have LED H11 bulb that could fit the 2019-2023 Ford Ranger OEM H11 bulbs at the current time. We recommend you keep the stock bulbs.

 Fog Light:  H11/ H16|LD plus series, switchback, color changing led bulbs in yellow and white (2 modes).
6000LM/set and 6000K for white light, 6000LM/set and 3000K for the yellow light. The white light starts firstly, with a simple on-off-on toggle of your fog light switch to change the light from 6000K cool white to 3000K warm yellow light.

Front Turn Signal Light: 7443/ 7444|T series, 24W/bulb (max), 2400LM/bulb (max), switchback amber and white light. 
Each bulb has 32pcs SMD 3030 LED chips (24pcs for amber, 8pcs for white). Built-in anti hyper flash Canbus system, specially designed for turn signals. Light up 6000K xenon white for parking lights or daytime running lights (DRL); 3000K flash amber for turn signal lights. Totally refreshed the tired and dim looking lights with bright white DRL and crisp amber turn signals. Intelligent Temperature Control System protects led bulb against excessive current and overheating and ensures a longer lifespan.

Rear Turn Signal Light: 7440/ WY21W bulb size|T series, amber, 23W/bulb, 2400LM/bulb.
Built-in anti hyper flash Canbus system, specially designed for turn signals. Intelligent Temperature Control System protects led bulb against excessive current and overheating and ensures a longer lifespan.

Back up Light: 7443/ 7444 bulb size|6000K bright white light, 600LM/bulb.
Using high power 3030 SMD LED chips, just 10 chips per bulb to produce peak brightness output, and less heat compared to other bulbs that sometimes use up to 30 chips. Make a big difference for your vehicle! Also, you needn’t worry whether you have a CK or Non-CK socket, these bulbs are universally compatible. They will fit into the same socket as your OEM original bulbs. 

Cargo Light: 921/ 912/ 922|1400LM/set, bright white.
Center High Mount Stop Light: 921/ 912/ 922|1400LM/set, brilliant red.
360º illumination, equipped with CANBUS system, will not cause “lamp out” errors. 

License Plate Light: 168/ 2825/ T10 bulb size|6000K bright white light, 800LM/set.
Front Side Marker Light: 168/ 2825/ T10 bulb size|Amber light, 800LM/set.
The T10 LED bulb features 3 high power 3030 SMD LED Chips, top and one on each side. 360º illumination. Non-polarity design for a plug and play and error-free installation. 

Specification and Warranty:
-IP67 Water and Dust Seal, CE, RoHS
-Safe installation and use
-No need exterior driver or resistor parts
-45 days money-back guarantee & free return 
-1-year hassle-free replacement warranty
-U.S. customer support team at CA State.
*Warranty does NOT cover labor, diagnostics, towing, rental car, or any other expense related to an item being defective/damaged.

Installation Guide
-Easy DIY installation and direct replacement light for 2019-2023 Ford Ranger.
-If the LED bulb doesn’t light up after installation, simply flip the plug around and reconnect. Making a positive match with negative.




Our LED replaces halogen bulbs only.  It does not replace HID or LED from factory.


HID and LED bulbs are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE.
Note: This usage regulation is not unique to Lasfit bulbs. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.



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